Common Questions when buying Bali Furniture

The Furniture is insensitive to weather and soon develops cracks!

When a tree is removed from the forest and converted into planks the Moisture Content will be higher than 30%. Before it can be used for Furniture depending on the species and size it should be dried in an oven for at least 4 weeks. This costs money and time and many of the so-called furniture manufacturers don’t want to take the trouble to do this because visitors will only experience the problem weeks or months later when the stress within the wood as it dries and shrinks causes it to crack.

At our factory YMB Furniture in Canggu we can show you our ovens which bring the Moisture content down to 10-12% which is the ambient condition in most temperate countries and this ensures the products will give you trouble-free service for years to come.

Best furniture is good old timber! is this true?

Recycled Wood from Old buildings has been a popular source for making rustic furniture designs for some years but it is becoming scarce and if it is in good condition without deterioration has become more expensive than new wood . So it very much depends on the style of furniture you need. For contemporary designs we invariably use new wood and can even “age” it to have a mature appearance. For rustic furniture old teak wood is popular but requires careful Selection. At YMB Furniture in Canggu we will listen carefully to your preferences and give you samples of finished wood to approve before we start prodcution.

When shipping the furniture, can it be damaged if packaged with single layer cardboard?

If sending a full container load (FCL) then single layer Cardboard is usually cost effective provided the Packing Crew take care when loading the container not to stack furniture on top which may cause damage to the items below. This is why a responsible Company should be used to manage the container stuffing. At YMB Furniture Canggu all the products we send whether by FCL or small shipments of less than a container load (LCL) are packed under our supervision by an experienced Packing crew. Invariably LCL loads should be packed in Wooden Cases or Pallets as single layer cardboard is insufficient to withstand handling during transport and unloading

The furniture can be poorly made. Not level. How do I know it won’t fall apart?

Much of the furniture sold by vendors and galleries in Bali was made by “piece” workers without supervision or quality control. It may look good but in reality it may be from wet wood held together by glue that will dry out and the furniture literally fall apart. Very few of the vendors in Bali are actually genuine furniture manufacturers . YMB Furniture in Canggu are a Licensed Industrial Furniture Company monitored by Government and working to a strict quality control regime. The process and the professionalism can be seen in our website video if you visit and if you visit us personally you will be welcomed and offered a guided tour of our facilities to reassure you that you will make the right decision if you choose to come to us for your furniture requirements!