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At YMB FZE, we are not just limited to standard designs but also entertain customers requiring custom made and bespoke furniture items. Our team has experience in creating prototypes and producing the finished article quickly with the use of AutoCAD and modern woodworking machinery.

Custom made Tables, chairs and Consoles

We can produce a range of tables, chairs and consoles in a mixture of solid wood and metal. We can include a range of upholstery options in cluding cushion and fabrics from high quality designs.

Teakwood Sourced from Sustainable Sources

Our wood is sourced from Government managed plantations in Java, Indonesia. We only use sustainable sources for our wood to ensure that the industry we love continues for generations to come.

Own Factory in Bali, Indonesia

Our factory ensures that the furniture is made to our standards. We know how each pieces is made, what moisture content the wood is and when we can supply it. The ensure that we provide our customers with the best products.

Years of experience in furniture manufacturing

You cant beat experience and this is true in Manufacturing furniture. With over 25 years of experience in furniture we ensure that you get the right product. We can advise on design and methods of manufacture.

Mechanised Factory with Modern Machinery

We produce our furniture using modern machinery. This means greater accuracy in our manufacture but also quicker manufacture ensuring you get the furniture when you need it.

Autocad Drawings used for Precision

To assist our manufacturing department, we produce autocad drawings for customers ensuring they know exactly what they will recieve when they place an order.

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Combined over our team, we have more than 25 years of experience in producing quality solid wood Indonesian furniture for export internationally.