Tips on Buying Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Synthetic Rattan outdoor Furniture comes in many forms now a days. Gone are the days when you had to struggle to find someone supplying it. Browsing through Alibaba literally hundreds of companies selling all types of Synthetic Rattan outdoor furniture. But how do you know if any of it is any good? What are the signs to look out for? Let me explain…

Synthetic rattan outdoor furniture is always developing. New designs come out every month looking modern with different colours, weaves and styles. It’s a constantly changing and developing market. Every company looks to stay ahead of the field bringing out fresh new designs. It’s this constant rush of new designs that presents problems. How well thought out are these designs? I can give you an example. At a recent visit to a certain indoor and outdoor trade show in China, we visited the stands of several large Chinese outdoor furniture companies. From afar, yes interesting designs, not bad…. but on closer inspection it doesn’t look good! The weaves around the edges are uneven due to the sharp angles. On some of the intricate weaving designs, the strands don’t line up making it look messy. How can one be sure you will get the finished article on delivery?

My point is that when buying large or small quantities of synthetic furniture one needs to be sure that you get the best product with a partner who will make the designs to a high standard of quality. I say this on the back of YMB FZE recently supplied our synthetic furniture to a 5 star hotel. All designs need to be considered with rigours quality control to make sure that specific weaving is done correctly on particular parts of a custom designed chair for example. The margins are small but get it wrong and the chair looks wrong and lacks that “quality” appeal.

But it’s not just the weaving that can be an issue. Are the frame joints inside made with 360 welding(for strength) or the quick and easy spot welding. When a joint breaks it will soon be clear! This is often hard to spot before hand and is why working with a reputable partner such as YMB FZE can be such a bonus. Through experience with dealing with European standards and the our own rigorous controls, we know what is and is not acceptable.

So why not contact us and see how we can help you with your Synthetic Furniture requirements.